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Gymfreek LLC.

The Freek Whey Premium Protein

The Freek Whey Premium Protein

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The Freek Whey from Gymfreek is a clean -label protein, without cheap fillers such as maltodextrin or fructose. Our ingredients include Whey, Sweetener, Flavoring, Digestive enzymes for absorption and a small amount of BCAA’s for protein synthesis.

High quality ingredients mean you get more protein in every scoop and more servings in each container. The Freek Whey contains an incredible 75% protein, while many other brands contain less than 70%, adding extra carbs and fats.

Whey protein is among the highest biological value of all protein sources, making it ideal for building lean muscle.

Digestive enzymes Papain and Protease were added for optimal protein absorption. Whey isolate and BCAA’s aid in protein synthesis.

Whey protein is absorbed quickly, flooding your muscles with key amino acids. This helps make The Freek Whey formula the perfect protein to take immediately after a workout when your muscles need nourishment.

  • 25g Protein per Serving

  • Added Whey Isolate for Protein Synthesis

  • Digestive Enzymes for Absorption

  • Cold-Processed Whey Protein

  • Ultra-Filtered Whey

  • Natural BCAA’s for Fast Recovery

  • Mixes Easily

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